Why standards?

Standards (e.g. ÖNORM and ISO standards) are recommendations developed by experts. They provide solutions for specific applications and cross-industry challenges in the economy and the public sector. Laying down up-to-date and generally accepted practical know.-how, standards ensure that everything fits together well and that our modern life runs smoothly every day.

5 things you should know about standards:

1- Standards are a “common language”, they establish important interfaces. They make sure that different systems “understand” each other and interact reliably and efficiently.

2- The application and development of standard improves the competitiveness of the economy. They support access to new, international markets.

3- The development of standards (standardization) is open to all. Everybody can take part. Experts from diverse fields network and, as a result, develop cross-sectoral best-practice solutions.

4- Standards are the basis for new ideas: You can build on them, they are a constant driver of innovation.

5- Standards are not legally binding – unless their application is agreed by contract or legislators make them mandatory.

Source: Austrian Standards