Why should you take part in developing standards at the international level? 

Ninety percent of all standards that are in effect in Austria originate from the European and international level. In addition to organizing the development of national ÖNORM standards, Austrian Standards – being the Austrian member of CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, and ISO, the International Organization for Standardization – also makes it possible for Austrian experts to take a leading role at the international level.

If Austrian experts are not involved in standardization, i.e. the development of standards, others will define the framework conditions for our business activities. At present, around 4,000 Austrian experts from diverse fields create standards in a direct dialogue with European and international experts.

When you take part in European and international standardization, you are involved in innovation right from the start. Secure a decisive information advantage and competitive edge and open up access to international markets – thereby you can identify customer needs earlier and shorten your adaptation and