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Why ISO?ISO 18587 Benefits

Increases customer confidence and gives reassurance to the prospective clients that you follow a recognized specialist standard while under taking their translation requirements.

ISO 18587 Benefits
Proficiency, Quality, Efficiency, and More…

How To Obtain?
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“Although translation is as ancient as human civilization itself, but it still lack scientific rules, standards, or norms to define a good translation. We seek to scientifically establish rules, standards and encorporate them directly into our business to test their effectiveness and applicability.”

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim
Manager & Lead Auditor, Austrian-arabic(at)



ISO 18587 FAQs

ISO 13611 Community interpreting is bi-directional interpreting that takes place in the course of communication among speakers of different languages.

ISO 18587:2017 provides requirements for the process of full, human post-editing of machine translation output and post-editors’ competences.
ISO 18587:2017 is intended to be used by TSPs, their clients, and post-editors.
It is only applicable to content processed by MT systems.

Those standards enable the state-of-the-art certification in the translation / interpretation industry from one of the biggest certification bodies in Europe. It’s a must for professionals in those fields to show the highest qualification level and providing absolute qualitative services, certified by a neutral and accredited third party. Further details in next separate posting on this page.

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